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Bucks Four Star Grill is part of Eats & Libations, LLC. and is on it's 10th season at the iconic Buckingham Fountain.

Bucks is opened from May-September each year serving casual food, snacks, ice cream, and beer & wine. We offer two outdoor cafes to relax in, located in the center of Grant Park. Enjoy your food and drinks with an unmatched view of Buckingham Fountain & the Navy Pier fireworks.


See our other property, LakeBreeze @ Osterman Beach & Pie Life @ Buckingham Fountain North      

EAts & Libations, llc

Eats & Libations, LLC  was formed by owner/operator Bill Prahofer. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Bill created EAL with the goal offering customers fast food with quality and variety.

The philosophy of 'Eat, Drink, Live' comes from believing that everyone should enjoy life, eating and drinking what you love. A fun balance of healthy choices and indulging in your favorite guilty pleasures, life is too short not to enjoy it all.

We all too often get caught up in our busy lives which seem to run so fast now. It's important to take the time for ourselves,

family, friends, and love ones. In between the sleep, work, eat, drink, and repeat, we hope you remember to take the time to appreciate life and LIVE!

In that time, we hope our locations can offer food and beverage you can share with those that matter.



Visit our other location:


LakeBreeze is located at Osterman Beach serving casual food, appetizers, beverages, beer, wine, and frozen cocktails in a concession, cafe, beach setting.

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